Earthquake Retrofitting

The seismic retrofitting process involves the installation of engineered metal connectors and other reinforcement materials at key stress points throughout your home’s structure. The specially designed hardware includes hold downs, anchors & anchor bolts, strap ties and framing angles. Wood blocking and structural sheathing may also be incorporated into many retrofit projects. The goal of a retrofit is to secure/bolt down your home to the concrete foundation. During a seismic event these reinforcements greatly increase the chances of your home surviving with minimal damage. The cost of the retrofit is typically recovered between four to six years as you save on insurance premiums. We offer free estimates to assess your property. We will then provide you with a comprehensive bid explaining what we feel is necessary to perform a correct and functional retrofit.

Foundation Repair

Here is a list of some of the work we do. Foundation is a case by case situation that requires experts to analyze and asses what should be done to repair:

Remedial repairs of cracked, settled, shifted, rotated and/or deteriorated sections of concrete perimeter foundation walls. Any type of post/pier issues (shifted, deteriorated, cracked, settled, “over shimmed,” undersized, etc. Repair of wood damaged framing/structural components in the foundation system area.

Floor leveling performed on a case-by-case basis. In instances where a crawl space has debris in it that will limit our ability to perform any of the above tasks, we will also remove and haul away past debris that has been left in the space (we, of course, always remove all debris created during the course of our work).

Creating additional support systems in key locations of the foundation area to accommodate existing structural deficiencies and further protect your home.

Please call or message us if you have any questions or would like to receive an estimate.